Vaporesso XROS 4

Vaporesso’s XROS series has become synonymous with high-quality pod kits, and the latest additions, the XROS 4 and XROS 4 Mini, are no exceptions. Today, we'll delve into the features, design, and performance of the XROS 4, a device that promises to uphold the high standards set by its predecessors.

What to Expect from the Vaporesso XROS 4

The Vaporesso XROS 4 is a user-friendly pod system designed for both Mouth To Lung (MTL) and Restricted Direct Lung (RDL) vaping. This device supports three power output modes and is compatible with the entire range of XROS pods, except those specifically for the XROS Pro.

XROS 4 Key Features:

  • COREX 2.0 Technology: The included 0.4ohm XROS pod features upgraded COREX 2.0 technology, enhancing flavor, vapor production, and pod lifespan. This technology ensures optimal temperature matching for faster coil heating and superior taste.
  • AXON Pulse Technology: Consistently boosts power, ensuring a regular and consistent vaping experience regardless of battery level.
  • Three Power Modes: Easily switch between settings with a single button, catering to different vaping preferences.
  • Battery Life: The built-in 1000mAh battery fast charges in just 30 minutes via USB Type-C.
  • Design: Measures 120.8mm x 24mm x 14mm, featuring an Aluminium Alloy construction, a top-filling system, and adjustable airflow.
Vaporesso XROS 4

XROS 4  Kit Contents

  • Vaporesso XROS 4 device
  • XROS series 0.4ohm pod (installed)
  • XROS series 0.8ohm pod
  • Type-C charging cable
  • Reminder Card
  • User manual & warranty card
XROS 4 box includes

XROS 4 Specifications

  • Size: 120.8mm x 24mm x 14mm
  • Capacity: 2ml (TPD version) / 3ml (non-TPD)
  • Battery: 1000mAh
  • Charging: 30-minute USB-C fast charging
  • Technology: Upgraded COREX 2.0 coil technology, AXON pulse technology
  • Airflow: Adjustable airflow
  • Operation: Single button operation with auto draw system
  • Display: LED screen showing battery level and power output
  • Safety: Built-in safety protections

Design & Build Quality

The XROS 4 Pod vape, available in eye-catching Purple and Bloody Mary color options, boasts a sleek and robust design. The Aluminium Alloy unibody construction exudes a premium feel, and the smooth rounded edges make it comfortable to hold and operate. The magnetic connection for the pods is secure, and the large viewing window allows easy monitoring of the e-liquid level.


Quick Start Guide

Filling the Pod:

  • Pop off the black mouthpiece.
  • Fill the pod through the red filling port.
  • Replace the mouthpiece and let the e-liquid sit for five minutes.
XROS 4 pods


  • Turn on by clicking the power button five times.
  • Adjust airflow with the slider.
  • Switch power settings by clicking the power button twice quickly.
  • Lock the power button by clicking three times.


  • Use the included USB-C cable for a full charge in 30 minutes.


The XROS 4 excels in flavor and vapor production, particularly with the 0.4ohm and 0.6ohm pods, ideal for restricted direct lung vaping. The 0.8ohm pod suits a loose MTL draw but doesn’t quite match the Vape flavour intensity of the lower resistance pods.

Battery Life & Charging

While the 1000mAh battery is sufficient for moderate use, heavy vapers might find it necessary to carry an extra device or charger. Fast charging mitigates this concern, allowing for a full charge in just 30 minutes.



The Vaporesso XROS 4 is a significant upgrade in the XROS series, offering enhanced flavor, vapor production, and a user-friendly experience. Its robust design, advanced coil technology, and consistent performance make it a strong contender in the pod system market. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced vaper, the XROS 4 is a reliable choice that won’t disappoint.